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You can contact our commercial department via [email protected].

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Advertising inquiries including requests to buy or sell links does not sell advertising. This site is run for entertainment purposes. The sites we recommend are based on editorial decisions and player feedback. We do not accept any forms of advertising be it in the form of text links, banner advertisements, blog posts or any other media.

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We understand there are numerous well run casinos in operation. Should we wish to work with your company we will contact you directly. Unfortunately in spite of this message we get alot of emails in this regard.

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We are always striving to improve our website and we love hearing feedback both good and bad from our users and players. If you have any suggestions on ways for us to improve the site we’d love to hear them. We are currently working on our own mobile compatible 3 card poker game that we will also be making available as a free app. This will be available on our website as well as via a standalone application.

Likewise if you have any questions about 3 card poker, feel free to send them through. We actually wrote our Vegas, AC and Reno guides as a result of the large number of emails we received asking about 3 card poker in those cities. We hope to write a similar piece on Macau in the near future once we have the opportunity to travel their and scout the casinos to make a report.

If there is anything we have not covered that you would like to see an article on, please use the address below to get in touch. We endeavour to reply to emails as quickly as possible. If you wish to contact in this manner you can send an email to admin[at]

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